Looking for a Logo

On the list of things I'm seeking help on - developing a logo.  I have a good feel for the brand of this brewery, but creating graphics to represent that brand is a skill I was not blessed with.  I want it to be edgy and modern, but timeless and traditional.  Eye-catching, but not too bright.  I want it to have its cake, and eat it too.  I see a few options here: 

  1. Have a friend/mutual friend/family member do it that has graphic design experience
  2. I pay a graphic design company big $$ and get an awesome logo
  3. Crowdsourcing

Option 1 - Family/Friend Logo 

This is probably the most enticing right off the bat since it would likely be free (or very cheap), but there is always the risk of not getting the desired logo out of the deal. I'd like to avoid having to have the "we went another direction" conversation with a close friend or family member if possible.  Who knows though, this could end up being perfect and low cost!

Option 2 - Graphic Design Comapny

On the other end of the scale,  would all but guarantee an excellent, high-quality logo - at a premium price.  From what I understand, a good company would be able to sit down with me and truly understand what the company is all about before starting on the design, which would be great.  Since I am already anticipating other significant start-up costs (legal, accounting, licensing, etc.), however, my gut tells me this should be the last choice simply due to the price tag.  If I've exhausted all other avenues and still don't have something that's nailed the company image, then this may be where we end up.

Option 3 - Crowdsourcing

I hadn't even heard of this concept until fairly recently, and I think it is a really good idea.  Here's what I've learned about how it works.  I would submit information about what I'm looking for, my company, etc. to the crowdsourcing website (crowdSPRING, 99designs, DesignCrowd, there are many others).  Also I would select a pricing option, which it looks like would be anywhere between $200-$500+, though it could be just about any amount I wanted.  Freelance designers would then have the opportunity to see my info and submit a design.  If I'm willing to pay more I'd get more interest my project, and thus more logo designs to choose from.  It's an interesting concept that I think could be a good middle-ground solution.  Oh, and the best part - if I don't get something I like, I don't have to pay a dime.   No awkward "another direction" conversation, no buyer's remorse.

Stay tuned!  Hoping to have a working logo in the next few weeks.  Then it'll be time to get some business cards

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