Cheers to a Great Cause!

Last night we took part in the Raygun Young Professionals Event to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Mid-America Chapter.  We shared our Extra Pale "Patio" Ale and blonde brews with the crowd. 

It was a great turn out and awesome to see Kansas City come together to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Thanks to everyone who came out, chatted with us about our brewery and taproom opening this fall, and most important helped us support a great cause!

4 Recipes to Upgrade Your Super Bowl Party

Are you throwing a Super Bowl party this weekend? Looking to kick it up a notch? Try these beer-infused recipes to take your game-day festivities to the next level.

Sticky Guinness Chicken Wings

First rule of Super Bowl parties: You must have chicken wings. However, that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Take your wings to the next level with Guinness and soy sauce. Grab chicken wings, shallots, black peppercorns, soy sauce, sugar and Guinness for this crowd-pleaser. To get the entire recipe here.

Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Dip

Be careful. This dip is very addicting. Grab olive oil, boneless chicken thighs, sour cream, cream cheese, Franks Red Hot sauce, your favorite IPA beer, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese, garlic powder, cornstarch and blue cheese crumbles to put together this dip. You can serve it with pretzels or chips, and of course, wash it down with an IPA. To get the entire recipe, click here.

Beer Candied Bacon

This is another snack that is sure to be a hit! It's also simple to make with only three ingredients - bacon, brown sugar and stout beer. If you want to get fancy, grill up burgers and add this bacon to the top of the burgers for an extra kick. To get the full recipe, click here.

IPA Lemon Bars

No party is complete without dessert. Forget the store-bought cookies this year. These Lemon IPA bars provide just the right amount of beer flavor with a flaky crust and gooey inside. Grab your usual baking ingredients - flour, sugar, eggs, cornstarch, salt, butter - along with some lemons, your favorite IPA and powdered sugar for dusting. To get the complete recipe, click here.

Are you hungry for even more beer-infused recipes, check our our Pinterest board for more recipes and all-things beer.

Tell us, who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl?

A Different Kind of Brew Tour

We all know how a brewery tour goes - you see the impressive machinery, learn about the detailed process and taste some delicious beer. But there's a company in San Francisco that does things a little differently. Vantiago takes customers on a brew tour that offers more than a view inside the brewery. In fact, you'll get a great view of San Francisco on this tour.

Let us explain. The North Bay Brew Tour allows you and your friends to experience beer and food, while traveling in the comfort of a classic Volkswagen Van. That's right - for $100 per adult, you can have a fun-filled afternoon riding in the red, Volkswagen Van, visiting three breweries in the San Francisco Bay area.

The North Bay Brew Tour takes passengers to 3 breweries in the San Francisco Bay area. 

First stop on the tour is Lagunitas Brewing Company, where you'll get an educational tour of the brewery and lunch. After Lagunitas, the road trip continues to the Iron Springs Brewery to taste what the charming town of Fairfax has to offer.  Finally, you’ll end the trip by visiting Marin Brewing Company.

Of course, tastings are provided at each brewery and you'll take one brewery facility tour. The entire tour lasts 6 to 7 hours, but there sounds like no better way to spend your day in San Francisco!

We love the idea of a brew tour done differently! Tell us - would you go on this brew tour? Leave a comment below, write on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

Beers on Tap

The week is looking great for us here at Border Brewing Company! We have our Red Ale and Extra Pale "Patio" Ale on tap right now.

The Red Ale Beer, which features a balance of sweet and toasted/biscuit-like malt characteristics and light hop presence, is ready just in time for the Kansas City Chiefs game on Thursday. The Extra Pale "Patio" Ale provides a light, citrusy taste that is great for this warm weather.

What beer would you like to see from Border Brewing Company next? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.